The Necessity Of Ball Screw In CNC

In CNC Device, probably the most significant areas on the motor is definitely the ball screw On the other hand, a simple slip-up in misalignment or inappropriate lubrication could damage the ball screw. That is certainly when you require ball screw mend from the industry experts. Due to the fact when you swap the ball screw you may wait for weeks but repairing it can only acquire days to be completed.

Ball Screw is usually a driving system for Axis X, Y & Z (Leadscrew and Nut) where the construction of your screw pair uses iron or buckshot balls. On manual engines the drive system Axis X, Y & Z usually uses trapezoidal threads, threaded square, and even triangular threads. The ball screw main function is to change the motion of the shaft rotation in the stepper motor into translational movements on the axis in the CNC machine. This kind of construction also moves the axis so that the axis becomes smoother and more precise for the reason that the coefficient of friction between the screw and nut becomes very small. This part is very essential in the equipment as the dynamic part.

Nowadays CNC machines have a very close relationship with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) programs which are then applied with CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) along with the software (software) of their supporters to run the engine. So the method of transferring programs from computer to equipment continues to grow by using many media such as RS232 cable, Floppy Disk, RJ45 cable, IC Card, USB Storage, etc. CNC machining machines are made to answer the challenges of today\’s modern manufacturing world. With a CNC equipment, the precision of a product can be maximized to reach 1/1000 mm (micron) for the application of bulk product processing with good quality and quality in a relatively short time. The times and technology have resulted in increasing human needs. Various sides of life are always looking for ways to achieve better results. Among the list of real changes is seen in the current industrial development that demands products with a high tingkatan of precision as well as good quality and fast working time that’s why CNC equipment is used.

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